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"Tradition Oblige"

Orgelbau Krawinkel - Organ in Fuldatal-Wilhelmshausen
Pipe organ in Fuldatal-Wilhelmshausen

From start to finish, our organs are handcrafted in the old tradition of artisan organ building.

Our slogan is "Organ building tradition from Kurhessen-Waldeck", meaning not only the classical organ building tradition on which our craftwork is based, but also the geographical area in which our workshop is situated. Our instruments reflect the traditional craftsmanship of the central German region.

In our work, we are very conscious of the traditional craftsmanship which has been developed over several centuries, while at the same time taking advantage of modern technical aids.

Craftswork and artistry

Orgelbau Krawinkel - Organ in Vinsebeck
Organ in Vinsebeck

To ensure the successful interaction of handcraftsmanship and expert voicing, organ builders must pay equal attention to each single step in the process of building a high-quality organ – starting with a case which harmonises with the organ’s surroundings, followed by the design of the console, an interior which is both functional and attractive and the final intonation of an instrument.

Nine sketches from master organ builder's hand »»

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